Everywhere we look or turn, on the high street, on the tv and on the internet or at our front doors we see or hear the words ‘Guaranteed payday loans’. That’s because the payday loan phenomena in the UK is massive right now.

Although they do not seem to get the best press lately and mainly due to their higher interest rates, we cannot deny the fact that these loans are pretty much the only kind of loan accessible to people right now. Bank loans and credits cards are not the easiest to grasp as more often than not only people with good credit scoring, capital or current employment can get anywhere near them.

When seeking a guaranteed payday loan it is very reassuring to know that they are available to people who are in a bad situation right now, they are also an extremely quicker process from paperwork to cash than it would be if you were to try and seek a loan from the bank. Many borrowers can fill out the simple application forms from the comfort of their own homes if they wish and be guaranteed to have the money either the same day or the next. For people in a desperate situation this is extremely important because people are trying to get their hands on cash today rather than next week for whatever reason that may be and payday loan companies do pride themselves in being able to offer people that service.

"Guaranteed Payday Loans"To see the words ‘Guaranteed payday loans’ is somewhat a sigh of relief to the seeker in need and who’s in a situation not knowing where to turn but conditions are still required to enable you to get your hands on one. Unlike bank lenders these conditions are fairly straight forward in that as long as the borrower is over the age of 18 and has a valid bank account with a reliable source of income more often than not they do automatically qualify. Any source of income is deemed viable including state benefits as long as the borrower can assure the lender that are able to meet their criteria by being able to make repayments for the loan on time.

If you are worried about your current credit score rating or that you may even be black listed remember that guaranteed payday loan companies tend to overlook these situations and are not usually highly focussed on a borrowers past but more so on what they do in the future, so if you are concerned do not let this put you off applying for guaranteed payday loans because it may surprise you and may find that you do still qualify so it’s very worth a try.